The I Love List

Hi Guys I hope everyone has had a fab week! Now this concept of writing a list of things you love is nothing new, but I just love it! It helps me so much, there are times I am sat bored, there are times I have a low eb and I just need a little… More The I Love List

New Direction

Hi Guys So, I have taken a few weeks off from writing, there are two main reasons for this: I have been feeling very overwhelmed recently – I have had lots to think about and do and far to many tasks pulling me in all sorts of directions. I did not want to add to… More New Direction

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi Guys Valentines day can be a pricey day! Meals out are doubled, wine is flowing, and cute little presents soon add up! Before you know it you have blown your monthly budget and that little love fest whilst great at the time is now long forgotten and your saddled with the debt! So I… More Happy Valentine’s Day


Hi Guys So today we are talking about reflecting, this could be done as much or as little as you like, I like to have a little daily reflect, here I typically say what I am grateful for, what great things I have achieved that day and also what I would like to improve on… More Reflection

Staying Motivated

Hi Guys So during your journey you will feel unmotivated, you will have those “ahhhhh, fuck it” moments, I know, I have had them too, and still do! Its human nature. Its hard to stay on a path you have chosen, it is easy for old habits to slowly make their way back into our… More Staying Motivated

Goal Setting

Hi Guys! To me, goal setting is one of those tasks in life which I LOVE!!!! Literally!!! I cannot get enough of goal setting and planning! I swoon to organising! I pack my suitcase for a holiday months in advance, and relish at the idea of setting to do lists! I have a different list… More Goal Setting

New Years Resolutions

Hi Guys It’s that magical time of year again, I look forward to this so much, I hope you do too! It’s the clean slate time!!! (Que a marching band, streamers and balloons!!!) Hurrah! It’s a time to reflect on the year gone by, or hell just forget it!! (No judgement here! I have forgotten… More New Years Resolutions